Jan 23


Navitas Trade offers one of the best affiliate programs in the industry. When you refer an investor to our website, you receive a 10% commission from your referral's purchase of our investment fund into the Navitas Trade account. Commissions are paid immediately upon your referral's purchase of fund shares or investment into the Navitas Trade account, you are able to reinvest your commission or withdraw to your e-currency account at any time.

Affiliate program is available to all Navitas Trade Accounts. Your referral link is located in 'referral links' and also you can find your referral details in "'your referrals'" section of your account menu. To participate in the program, you must distribute your affiliate link to your friends, colleagues or website visitors. Your potential referrals will then use it to access our website. Our system will automatically mark new investors that reached our website using your affiliate link as your referrals.

  Total members:  5139
  Members online: 303
  Total deposit: $ 217,289.02
  Total withdraw: $ 65,039.00
  Latest update: Jan 23, 2020